Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade is an Phone/iPod game developed by Chair Entertainment, a subsidiary of Epic Games. It is a touch based fighting game with RPG elements that is known for being the first iphone/ipod game to use Epic’s version of the Unreal Engine for iOS. Dialogic History Infinity Blade is the first full fledged game to […]

Road Blaster

Road Blaster is a Laser Disc game from 1985 wherein the player takes on the role of a vigilante trying to take down an outlaw gang responsible for the death of his girlfriend/wife. The reviewed/analyzed version is the 2011 re-release for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Dialogic History Road Blaster is a historical relic. It was originally […]

Super Crate Box

Super Crate Box is a freeware PC game made by Vlambeer, a Dutch indie game studio. In it, you collect crates while avoiding and dispatching enemies. The objective is to collect as many crates as you can in a given level.   Dialogic History Super Crate Box is an intentional throwback to old arcade games. […]

Thesis Reviews Abstract

My upcoming MA Thesis involves devising a new theoretical framework for analyzing video games. This work comes from the plethora of genres into which games are broken down. Game theorists get hung up on analyzing and breaking down and devising new genres. This is an attempt to sidestep genre and analyze games through categories that […]

New Witcher edition worthwhile

Owen Sound Sun Times (On) Thursday, October 9, 2008 Last October a little known Polish developer, CD Projekt released The Witcher. The role playing game earned quite favourable reviews and IGN named it 2007 RPG of the year, but many critics cited numerous problems with the game that, if fixed, would have made it better. […]

‘Spore’ an evolution in gaming

Owen Sound Sun Times (On) Thursday, September 25, 2008 After years of hype “Spore” is finally out. It has been billed as “Sim Everything” and it’s by Will Wright, creator of “The Sims.” The development history and the high-profile creator have made it big news ever since it was announced and I think it was […]

Strategy games a popular type

Owen Sound Sun Times (On) Thursday, September 11, 2008 Two weeks ago I ran through what makes a role-playing game. This week I’ll start with another popular type of game, especially for PC gamers. STRATEGY GAMES Strategy games are video game extensions of board games like “Risk.” They involve large-scale control of bases and units, […]